Overview Edit

Energize is one of the four abilities of the Engineer class. It enhances player's shields. Energize is best used in conjunction with ships with strong shields.

Skill Name Effect Starting Value First Value Value @65 spent ponts
Shield Pool Shield strength +10% +10% +146%
Shield Recharge Shield recharge 0 +50% +710%
Power restore Chance incoming hits recharge power 0 +3% +68%
Immunity Chance to receive negative status effects 0 -3% -68%
Disabling Shockwave Chance to disable weapons of nearby enemies 0 +3% +68%

Trivia Edit

  • The Power restore ability is more useful the more enemies are shooting at you. It is actually possible to have this skill on during a whole battle with a decent amount of investment in the skill and enough enemies to shoot at you.
  • Coupled with Power restore, shield recharge makes for an impenetrable defense on your ship.

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