Overview Edit

Rift is one of the four abilities of the Engineer class. It features various ways to cripple an enemy ship's efficiency and deal tremendous damage. Rift is useful in all situations. It creates an anomaly about 200 units in front of the player.

Skill Name Effect Starting Value First Value Value @65 spent ponts
Trap Reduce affected ships' speed and maneuverability +10% +10% +81%
Battery drain Reduce affected ships' maximum battery energy 0 +10% +81%
Resistance penalty Reduce affected ships' resistances 0 +10% +81%
EM Pulse Chance anomaly emits an EM pulse 0 +10% +81%
RAD Field Anomaly emits radiation 0 +1% +20.4%

Trivia Edit

  • It is very efficient to use the rift skill to deal damage and activate a cloak.
  • Radiation damage deals a percentage of the affected ship's maximum hull as direct damage unaffected by shields.
  • Very good ship power increases effectiveness of Rift skills.

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