This is a tutorial page (under construction)

About the ships in Gemini.

The ships you are flying are crewed space vessels and capital ships, not fighters, so do not expect to be successful if you are trying to fight like you were piloting a single seat fighter. You are a captain here, and the vessel you are commanding is a multi-thousand ton, complex space ship, which has a huge inertia, multiple turrets and firing arcs, those all needed to be taken into account when you are engage in combat.

Basic info

  1. There are hardpoints on each ship. A hardpoint (more formally known as a station or weapon station) is a location on an airframe designed to carry an external or internal load.
  2. There are two different type of hardpoints on each ships: light weapon hardpoint and heavy weapon hardpoint.
  3. There are max four hardpoints for each: 4 light hardpoints and 4 heavy hardpoints. They are called bow, side(2x) and aft hardpoints.
  4. Each hardpoint can contain several turrets (light hardpoints) and one missile launcher/heavy gun (heavy hardpoints).
  5. Light weapons do not require ammunition - the numbers are there for the turret count, heavy weapons do - the numbers are there for the ammo count.

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